Here are more detailed explanations of the abilities of each class. Note, this page may contain spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Guardian AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Guardian's Will Passive Guardian generates current AGGRO on any enemy in a 5x5 square around the Guardian at the begining of turn. CD: 0
Shield Bash Active DEF+2d6 Damage to single target + 1 turn stun. CD: 3
Grapple Active STR+2d6 to single target in row in front of Guardian. On success, moves unit one space closer to the Guardian. CD: 3
Counter Strike Passive Guardian automatically counterattacks a fully blocked attack. This can only happen once until Guardians next turn. Critical Blocks are treated as normal. CD: 0
Sentinel Reactive Guardian can intercept any targetted damage in place of an ally and taunts the attacking enemy. CD: 3
Defensive Stance Active Guardian negates all damage taken until Guardian's next turn. CD: 4

Oracle AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Foresight Aura Passive The Oracle can block any ranged attack in a 3x3 square centered around the Oracle. If the attack is blocked, the Oracle taunts the attacking unit. CD: 0
Temporal Shift Active The Oracle grants an Ally 1 extra attack. The Oracle gains all AGGRO generated by that extra attack. Temporal Shift does not reduce cooldowns or proc until next turn effects. CD: 4
Refresh Passive The Oracle recovers HP equal to 50% INT at the beginning of the Oracle's Turn. CD: 0
Rewind Active Restore target ally to the status they had at the end of the previous turn. Cooldowns are not affected by this ability. CD: 8
Counterspell Reactive

The Oracle prevents 2d6+INT from an incoming INT targetted attack on an allied unit, and 50% of that value is reflected at the attacking unit. The rest of the damage is defended as normal by the original targetted unit. The Oracle taunts the attacking unit.

CD: 3
Sap Strength Active

150%(INT+2d6) damage to single target and gains a shield that absorbs damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt.

CD: 3

Weapon Master AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Fighting Stances Passive

Offensive Stance: W. Master converts 50% of AGI to STR

Defensive Stance: W. Master converts 50% of STR to AGI

W. Master chooses a stance at the beginning of combat.

CD: 0

Active & Reactive

150%(STR+2d6) to single target, can be used to counterattack a ranged attack. This ability ignores unit collision. CD: 3
Spin Attack Active 200%(STR+2d6) to all enemies adjacent to the Weapon Master. CD: 3
Crushing Smash Active W. Master hits the target in front for STR+2d6. 50% of the damage dealt to the original target is applied to up to 3 adjacent units behind the original target. The additional damage cannot be defended. CD: 3
Morale Boost Passive & Active

Passive: Allies gain +1 STR and +1 AGI for each enemy that dies in combat.

Active: Doubles the Passive bonus for 2 turns, passive bonus are then reset to 0.

CD: 5

Pirate AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Battle Frenzy Passive Pirate gains +1 STR for each 10 HP Pirate is missing. CD: 0
Swig of Grog Active Pirate heals 10% of max HP and gains +STR equal to 50% of Pirate's current STR until end of next turn. CD: 3
Plunder Active STR+2d6 to single target. If the roll is a 6, 7, or 8, the party finds bonus coin, if the roll is a 9 or a 10, the party finds bonus potions, if the roll is a 11 or 12, each member of the party gains an additional loot roll of increased rarity. CD: 3
Shiver Me Timbers! Active Pirate forces an enemy to attack the Pirate on the enemy's next turn. Damage from that enemy cannot reduce the Pirate's health below 50%, unless damage from that attack would result in the Pirate's death. CD: 3
The Will of D. Passive Reduces the duration of crowd control status effects on the Pirate by 1 turn (crowd control effects do not include damage over time status effects or stat reducing status effects). CD: 0

Assassin AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Vital Strikes Passive The Assassin gains +1 crit chance for each dagger that he has equipped when using melee attacks. CD: 0
Sneak Attack Active AGI+2d6 damage to single target. This ability has a +1 chance to critical hit. CD: 3
Stealth Active Assassin becomes stealthed, generates no aggro, and gains +AGI equal to 2x his/her STR while effect is active. Lasts for 3 turns. CD: 6
Speed Demon Passive Critical hits on a single target by Assassin increase Assassin's critical hit chance on that target by +1 up to a total bonus of +2. CD: 0

Critical Combo

Reactive Assassin gets 1 additional attack after critically hitting with daggers. CD: 4
Poison Strike Active AGI+2d6 damage to single target. That target takes 50% of the initial damage at the end of its turn for 3 turns. CD: 3

Ranger AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Precise Shots Passive Ranger's normal attacks gain bonus damage equal to 150% of Ranger's INT CD: 0
Multi-Shot Active AGI+2d6 damage to two targets, the second shot deals 50% damage if hitting the same target as the first. CD: 3
Aimed Shot Active 250%(AGI+2d6) to a single target. CD: 5
Silent Shot Active 75%(AGI+2d6) damage to a single target. This attack generates no aggro and reduces the Ranger's aggro against that target by 10% CD: 2
Hunter's Mark Active Applies a debuf to a single target that increases damage taken by 10%. Only 1 unit may be marked at a time. CD: 1
Summon Beast: Avian Active 25%(AGI+2d6) damage to all enemies. All enemies are distracted for 1 turn. CD: 6

Scholar AbilitiesEdit

Level 1Edit

Spell Combo Passive Consecutive damage on the same target increases Scholar's INT by +1 up to a cap of +5. The Bonus is reset to 0 upon switching targets. CD: 0
Speed Cast Active 50%(INT+2d6) damage to a single target. Using this ability reduces the cooldown of spells on cooldown by 1 turn. CD: 0
Haunt Active Inflicts 75%(INT+2d6) as a damage over time effect to a single target for 4 turns. CD: 6

Siphon Soul


INT+2d6 to a 3x3 area, allies are healed for the 2x the total damage, divided equally among allies.

CD: 5

Meteor Active

200%(INT+2d6) to all enemies 4 turns after the ability is used.

CD: 10

Shockwave Active 150%(INT+2d6) to enemies in row in front of Scholar. Enemy squares hit by Shockwave are considered occupied for 1 turn. CD: 5

Monk AbilitiesEdit

Rework in Progress!


11/1 Assassin/General: Stealth added as keyword under combat effects. Stealth now prevents enemy interceptions while attacking.

11/1 Assassin: Vital strikes lvl 1 changed to give the Assassin +1 crit chance for each dagger that he has equipped.

11/1 All Classes: any 1d10 rolls changed to 2d6 .

11/1 Guardian: "Intercept" renamed to "Sentinel" to avoid confusion with intercept mechanic.

11/1 Weapon Master: Spin Attack lvl 1 changed from hitting all enemies to hitting all enemies adjacent to the Weapon Master.

11/1 Scholar: Soul Siphon lvl 1 AoE radius reduced to a 3x3 area, healing generated from the ability increased to compensate.

10/18 Guardian: Counter Attack renamed to Counter Strike to reduce confusion.

10/17 Assassin: Vital Strikes lvl 1 changed to "Critical hits by the assassin deal 3x damage instead of 2x damage when attacking with melee attacks".

10/17 Assassin: STR scaling added to the ability Speed Demon.