Shade's Veil is the westernmost farming village in the Heartlands, just east of the Tangle Forest. The abundant supply of water from the Blue Serpent, as well as its proximity to the mysterious earth magics of the Great Tree have blessed this portion of land with bountiful harvests every year. Notable residents of Shade's Veil include Timmy, a child gifted with strength well beyond his size and years. The newest resident of Shade's Veil is the mysterious ranger, Takoda, found bloodied and washed up just north of the village on the edge of the Blue Serpent.
As of the past few months, wolf packs from the Tangle Forest have begun raiding the local livestock, something that has not occured as long as any of the residents can remember. Some see this as a terrible omen of terrible events to unfold, while others believe simply believe the wolves are having difficulty hunting food in the forest. Either way, the villagers have set up a night watch to help deter the wolves from raiding the village.


Old Nel, The Village Elder - The village elder in Shade's Veil. Older than anyone can remember, there was never a time when Old Nel wasn't known throughout the village as Old Nel. At one time, he was involved in almost every aspect of governing the humble farming village. Now a frail old man, he is best known for his vast collection of tales, fables, stories, and recollections of the history of Del'deim. At least once a lunar cycle, the old man calls all of the villagers around the communal fire and thrills the enraptured audience with one of his epic tales.
Hale, The Blacksmith - A gruff man just into his later years, Hale is rarely seen away from his forge near the center of town. Having decades of experience with his forge, he provides all of the farming equipment, armor, and weapons for the village of Shade's Veil. The father of two village children, Sasha and Timmy, his large, barrel-chested exterior belies his love for his children.
Sasha, Hale's Daughter - One of the younger ladies in Shade's Veil, no older than fifteen. Takes more after her delicate mother rather than her burly father, and assists by doing housework around the family home. Occasionally, she will aid her father by advertising his blacksmithing goods, but most of Shade's Veil already knows that Hale operates the best forge in town.

Enemy NPC'sEdit

The true name of the hooded figure first met in Tangleroot Forest. Clearly a sorcerer of unfathomable power, he attacked the party as they escaped back into Shade's Veil from the Tangleroot Forest. He displayed his capabilities by swatting away the party's attacks with ease, and retaliating with waves of dark energy that decimated the party in seconds.